The ROUSH Mustang: A Legendary American Muscle Car

The ROUSH Mustang is one of the most popular American muscle cars. It’s been built since 1988 and has become more powerful over the years. Today, you can customize your Mustang with performance upgrades, custom paint jobs, and other modifications.

The ROUSH Mustang

The ROUSH Mustang is a high-performance version of the Ford Mustang. The ROUSH brand was founded in 1988 by Jack Roush, who has been designing and building race cars for over 40 years. In 1994, he started producing performance parts for street cars under his name and now offers several different models based on Mustangs, including this one: The ROUSH Stage 3 GT350R Edition (our favorite).

Mustangs have been around since 1964 when they were first produced by Carroll Shelby as part of his team at Ford Motor Company. Since then, generations of Americans have fallen in love with Mustangs thanks to their sleek lines and affordable price tags compared with other sports cars available at the time (and today).

The first ROUSH Mustang

The first ROUSH Mustang was built in 1988 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the ROUSH nameplate. The car was built at Ford’s Wixom, Michigan assembly plant and featured several modifications including:

  • a modified suspension with larger anti-roll bars and stiffer springs
  • an upgraded braking system with cross-drilled rotors on all four wheels and vented discs on front wheels only (Ford did not offer this option until 1991)
  • an Eaton supercharger producing 8 PSI boost pressure (standard cars made 12 psi)

Used in NASCAR since 1993

ROUSH Mustangs have been used in NASCAR since 1993 when Bill Elliott raced one at Watkins Glen International Raceway. ROUSH Performance has been a sponsor of NASCAR teams since the 1990s and has fielded cars for drivers like Ricky Rudd and Darrell Waltrip.

Over 1,000 ROUSH Mustangs have been built since the car’s debut in 1988.

The ROUSH Mustang is a legendary American muscle car. Since its debut in 1988, more than 1,000 Mustangs have been built by ROUSH Performance. The company has been building high-performance vehicles since 1972 and was the first manufacturer to offer a complete line of aftermarket parts for Ford’s F-Series trucks. ROUSH continues to be the only manufacturer that builds a high-performance Mustang today.

The ROUSH Performance catalog includes many products for the Mustang, and the company has recently expanded into trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles.

ROUSH Performance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roush Enterprises. Founded in 1988 by former NASCAR driver Jack Roush, it specializes in modifying Ford vehicles–particularly Mustangs–to make them faster and more powerful while retaining stock appearances. The company’s goal is to give customers an affordable alternative to high-end European sports cars while still offering performance that rivals those models’ capabilities.

Customize your Mustang with various options.

You can customize your car with various options when you buy a ROUSH Mustang. The most obvious of these are performance upgrades and custom bodywork.

For example, if you have the money to spend and want to get even more power out of your Mustang’s engine, several ways can be done. One option is installing a supercharger kit on top of the stock V8 or V6 motor (if available). It will increase horsepower by up to 100%! Another option is installing high-performance exhaust headers that allow for better airflow to increase horsepower even more than just installing an ordinary header alone.

ROUSH Mustangs are a great way to customize your Ford Mustang. The car has an amazing history, and it’s still going strong today. You can find many types of ROUSH Mustangs in stock at dealerships around the country or order one custom-built from the factory with all kinds of options available to make it your own.