Baytown Towing Service

Jeff Smith Baytown Towing is a TDLR Certified towing company in Baytown Texas. We work around the clock to serve the Baytown community and are equipped with top of the line equipment and make it our goal to give our clients trustworthy service to make the towing process a little easier. Needing a tow service can be a pain and finding the right company can be just as challenging, at Jeff Smith Baytown Towing we pride ourselves in premium customer care.

Our company has been working in the Baytown area for more than a decade and has experience in all different types of Towing including roadside assistance, recoveries, wrecks and winch jobs. We can handle anything from every day vehicles with our light duty towing in baytown to heavy duty towing for tractor – trailers.


We provide Repossession in the city of Baytown for all types of Vehicles and equipment. Light duty towing being our strong suit we can handle all vehicles including cars, trucks and trailers. Our Heavy Duty also a strong suit of ours can handle repossession of all sorts when needed.

Speciality Vehicle Towing

Our fleet has top of the line equipment for any job and our drivers are trained to tow any vehicle. Low ride, no problem. Our trucks are equipped with a miller tow unit, rear view cameras and automatic cab controls so we can hook and book with any vehicle effortlessly. We guarantee no damage to your vehicle while it’s in our possession. If you have questions about towing your specialty vehicle call now!

Flat tire assistance

If you are stranded because you had a blow out and need roadside assistance in Baytown, we have a Baytown Roadside assistance crew on standby ready to help you when you need it most. No spare? No problem. Jeff Smith Towing can tow you to the nearest tire shop to get you back on the road.

Fuel delivery assistance

Are you out of fuel? Jeff Smith Towing has you covered! We keep a gas can on us to bring you fuel and get you rolling again back on your way. Baytown roadside assistance can be hard to find at times, but not here with Jeff Smith Towing. With our crew working around the clock there is always someone at Jeff Smith Towing ready to step up and get you on your way.

Jumpstart assistance

Need a jump? Call us today and we’ll send a guy out! Wherever you are in Baytown we can help with a fast ETA. We carry jumper cables and jump boxes in our truck at all times in case your car dies in Baytown. Quick arrival times and hot jumps will get you back on the road, be sure to call us when you search roadside assistance near me in Baytown.

Lock out services

We have all done it. A busy day sometimes means a forgetful mind. If you accidentally locked your keys in your car, call us now! We have the right equipment and guarantee no damage to your paint or weather stripping. Our driver can get to you in 30 minutes and have you back in your car before you finish your shopping!

For the best towing in Baytown the answer is clear! Call Jeff Smith Baytown Towing for the best prices, unbeatable response times and professional service and check us out at