Facts About Shipping a Car to Hawaii That You Must Know

Relocation is a risky move but for many, they must take it to move forward in their life. Most people relocate either for better job opportunities or they do so to move away from cities and spend some quality time in their life with their children and family. 

So, when you have decided to move to places like Hawaii in the United States, your next challenge is to decide which of your materialistic possessions you need to carry with you to make your new life easier. One such possession that everyone questions is their privately owned vehicle. The dilemma of selling the car or shipping it confuses many. 

If you own a luxury or antique car, you would never want to separate from it and thus, selling is never an option. Most people have a bond with their car. Also, for buying a new one, you need extra monetary investments, which you might not be ready to do especially because relocation is also expensive. 

Hawaii Auto Transport Services by Ship A Car, Inc. is the best solution that you can use at this current moment. Their auto transport services are reliable, safe, and insured. They make sure that the entire process of picking up your vehicle, loading it, transiting it, and delivering to your doorstep in Hawaii is as stress-free as possible. 

Using the service of vehicle transport companies – Facts

There is a vast stretch of ocean between the mainland of Hawaii and other parts of the United States. So, expect the shipment of your car to take about 15-20 days to reach your new home in Hawaii. 

The shipping charges will increase with:

  • Change in the distance of the delivery location from your pickup point. 
  • The model of your car will increase the shipping costs especially if your car needs extra care during the process. 
  • Use of enclosed carriers for shipping. 
  • Shipments made during rush season.

To save yourself from spending extra on the shipping costs for your car, you can utilize the following tips for more effective yet cheaper shipping options:

  • Shipping via boat or open carrier is cheaper than the use of air freights. 
  • Instead of asking the shipping company to pick up and drop your car at your doorstep, try using the terminal delivery option. 
  • As they are picking up multiple cars at the same time, they charge you less with such shipping options. 
  • Make use of special discounts available with shipping companies like the one they give to students, elder citizens, or military servicemen. 
  • Take price quotes from 3-4 companies in your area and compare the best price out of those. 
  • Keep some time in your hand, if you do not have an emergency need of the vehicle, it can be transported with common carriers which will be much cheaper. 

However, if you have luxury vehicles or other sports vehicles, you need to favor protection over cost. Thus, an enclosed carrier is more suitable in such scenarios even if it costs a little high as enclosed carriers protect from both damage and theft.