Importance of Smog Check

If you own a vehicle, then you are to perform Smog Check periodically. This is a crucial something that you cannot avoid or postpone. The objective is to protect the environment from harmful pollution that otherwise could emit from your vehicle. There are laws, rules and regulations in place that requires owners to carry out checks before using their vehicles on the roads.

Reducing pollution

Carrying out Smog Check has helped reduce considerably smog and pollution level in the atmosphere. Such checks help establish better control over the pollutants that freely move in the air. At the same time, it also ensures that high pollution emitting vehicles are kept away from the roads.

Performing checks

Based on your vehicle’s condition, you have three diverse options to select an authorized station to carry out this necessary activity. There are test stations that are limited to performing such tests and do not undertake any diagnostic checks or repairs. There are also present test & repair stations that perform checks as well as necessary repairs. They ensure that your vehicle adheres strictly to the prevailing smog guidelines. Also are present stations that carry out authorized emission checks and are said to work only on vehicle emissions.

Thorough inspection

You may be carrying out Smog Check on your vehicle at any authorized station. Your vehicle will be inspected thoroughly for different components. It includes engine lights, emission systems, tailpipe emissions, fuel system, onboard diagnostics, etc. It is vital for your vehicle to qualify functional inspection and visual checks. Only then will it be given smog limit certification. If it fails, then you need take it to a garage and get the necessary repairs/replacement done to stop emissions. Remember, smog certification is essential to drive your vehicle on the roads. Otherwise you will simply end up paying hefty fines and even getting your vehicle confiscated by the law authorities.

Conditions to know

There exists diverse set of conditions concerning your vehicle eligibility for checks. Perhaps, for example, you may own a 20+ year old vehicle with a hybrid, gas or flex fuel power source. In such a case Smog Check is an absolute necessity. For vehicles that are under six years of age, you may skip visiting the smog station for carrying out the checks. If you have doubts, you may consult a qualified professional to get valuable advice.