Sell My Car In Sydney – Car Wreckers vs Private Buyer

Like many people, you are probably asking: Can I sell my car in Sydney even if it is old and extremely damaged?

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, it still has a worth. So, the answer is yes. You can still turn your otherwise tattered car into cash. 

Here’s another question that we often get: I want to sell my car in Sydney. Should I look for a car wrecker or a private buyer? To tell you the truth, both options have pros and cons. So, your decision will depend on your goals and preferences. 

So, now you may be wondering: How do I sell my car in Sydney? Answer is – by comparing car wreckers and private individuals thoroughly. Don’t worry; we have already made a list of things that you must know about these two options. Read each point carefully to make the best choice for yourself: 


This is not to undermine the expertise of private buyers. But it is true that you are more likely to encounter car wreckers who have knowledge about the industry. You won’t need to explain all the nitty-gritties to them that you might have to when selling to a private individual. 


In order to find an interested private buyer for your old car, you must post advertisements online. You can opt to post on free sites or pay for ads for greater reach. After that, you will wait for the inquiries and vet on each potential buyer. 

The process of finding a car wrecker is easier than this. No need to post advertisements that make your old car appear good; car wreckers are already interested in what you are offering. You just have to send requests to potential car wreckers in the area and compare their quotations. 

Time Frame 

Posting advertisements online is not challenging. What is difficult is waiting for an interested buyer to reach out to you. It can take years or even months to sell. Plus, you will have to schedule a date for the buyer to check the car before closing the deal. There’s still no assurance that your buyer will show up and decide to purchase your car at your preferred price. 

If you want to get rid of your old car faster, then contact a car wrecker. It is possible to book a car removal and complete all the steps on the same day! 


Private buyers are usually giving higher payouts than car wreckers. This is why many choose to look for private individuals even if it means they have to wait long. But you don’t always need to compromise on price just to sell your car fast to a car wrecker. You just have to choose a company wisely. 

And finally, you’re probably asking: Where should I sell my car in Sydney? As the seller, you want to make sure that your beloved old car will be owned by a responsible and reliable car wrecker. Amazon Cash for Cars certainly fits this description.

We are a registered car wrecker in Sydney that buys any make and model of vehicles. Our offer can reach up to $9000 and even higher. We provide same-day car removal and 24/7 service. That means, if you have any questions, you can call us anytime at 0422 784 920!