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Upgrading Your Tesla Model 3 with LED Door Handle Lighting

Blog Introduction: Have you ever wondered how to upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with LED door handle lighting? Well, if you’re a Tesla Model 3 owner and looking for a cool way to customize your car, this is the perfect project for you! LED door handle lighting can add an extra touch of style and practicality to your vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll break down why it’s important to upgrade your lights in the first place and then take you through step by step instructions on how to do it yourself. Let’s get started!

How To Install LED Door Handle Lights On A Tesla Model 3

1) The first step is to purchase a set of LEDs specifically designed for the tesla model 3 accessories. Make sure that they are compatible with the version of your car (i.e., Standard Range Plus or Long Range).

2) Once you have your LEDs, remove the existing door handle light covers from inside the vehicle using a flat head screwdriver or similar tool. You may need a small mirror in order to see where exactly these covers are located. 3) Next, unscrew each light bulb from its socket and replace them with the new LEDs that you purchased earlier. 4) Once all of the bulbs have been replaced, re-attach each of the covers and make sure that everything is secured tightly before moving on to step five. 5) Test out all four lights by opening and closing each door several times; if everything looks good then congratulations -you have successfully upgraded your Tesla Model 3 with new LED door handle lighting! 6) If something isn’t working properly then double check each bulb and make sure that it has been installed correctly; if everything appears correct but still not functioning properly then contact a professional for help as there could be an issue with wiring or another component within the system itself.

The obvious benefit of this upgrade is its aesthetic appeal — it gives your Tesla Model 3 a unique look that will turn heads wherever you go. But there are other benefits too: it provides extra visibility in dark or low light areas; it makes it harder for thieves to break into your car; and lastly, it adds an extra layer of safety when getting out of your car at night since the handles will be illuminated clearly for anyone who might be watching nearby.

Conclusion: Upgrading your Tesla Model 3’s door handle lighting is an easy DIY project that takes less than an hour and can add both style and practicality to any vehicle! Installing LEDs is much cheaper than having someone else do it for you – plus you get bragging rights for putting in some hard work on your own! We hope this article provided all of the information necessary for anyone interested in upgrading their own car’s lights; if something doesn’t seem right during installation or afterwards then consult a professional as soon as possible – safety should always come first when dealing with electricity! Thanks for reading!